Hudson Rod, Gun & Archery, Inc
Celebrating 100 Years. 1924 - 2024

285 Krattley Ln, Hudson Wisconsin 54016
2024 Shooting Hours open to the public.
Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 4pm.
Tuesdays & Thursdays 4pm to dusk or 8pm which ever occurs first.
All times are approximate.
Some exceptions noted in the calendar

We have one week to go in our regular Steel Challenge Frozen Fingers. The weather so far has been very friendly to us in comparison to previous years.
This Saturday we have the 2 speediest of the courses, Roundabout and Smoke and Hope. Limber up those trigger fingers!
Our 5th day of the league will be the makeup day on March 1st.
However, after the league shooting this Saturday we will have the opportunity to shoot some of the makeups which will free up time for some fun shoots on March 1st.

At this point we have 5 shooters who have makeups to shoot:

Dan Burdasch Showdown, Outer Limits, Pendulum, Speed option
Fred Chambers Pendulum and Speed Option
John Chambers Pendulum and Speed Option
Todd Kluge Pendulum and Speed Option
Larry Thomas 5 to Go and Accelerator

See ya Saturday at Noon.
Dave Florek