Hudson Rod, Gun & Archery, Inc
Celebrating 100 Years. 1924 - 2024

285 Krattley Ln, Hudson Wisconsin 54016
2024 Shooting Hours open to the public.
Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 4pm.
Tuesdays & Thursdays 4pm to dusk or 8pm which ever occurs first.
All times are approximate.
Some exceptions noted in the calendar

Time to begin prepping those Steel Challenge guns for the 2024 season! Get that new special gun, sight or develop the secret load that will blow the competition away!
The "Arms Race" is on!

The 2024 Steel Challenge schedule and the HRGAC Steel Challenge rules. Please read them as there are some subtle changes.

Frozen Fingers (FF) will be run differently this year compared to previous years. This year we will run it more as a fun warmup for the spring and summer leagues. The classes for FF only will be Pistol iron, Pistol Optic, Rifle Iron and Rifle Optic. Course layouts and # of strings will be as usual. You may use EITHER a 22 or a centerfire for the course of fire each week, one gun per class per week. You will sign up as previously by counting the number of classes you wish to shoot. Example: A Club Member shooting pistol iron and rifle iron your fee will be $30 + $10 for the second class. You can use only 1 gun per class per week, either a 22 or a 9mm. Non Members will pay $70 and $10 for the second class. We will post the standings as normal but we will not be paying for 1st and 2nd place finishers per class. We will instead be drawing for 2 $20 prizes per class from the participants who COMPLETE ALL 4 WEEKS of shooting including the scheduled makeup day. Starting with the 2nd week of shooting we will shoot any makeups from the previous week. That will allow us to shoot fewer strings on the scheduled makeup week and have some fun shoots.

The Spring and Summer Leagues will operate according to the attached schedule and with classes and fees and pay outs designated as in previous years. The HRGAC Steel Challenge rules are attached and I ask you to read them as there are some changes or additions. If you have questions let me know. But please READ the rules. We have had good compliance but the Acting RSO/Timers will be watching a little closer for sweeping issues, fingers out of the trigger guard and movements during jam clearing to further ensure that we enjoy our sport safely.

The spring and summer schedule has the leagues running continuously through the summer. Makeup weeks are included but this year we will try to minimize the number of makeups we have to shoot on makeup nights. After the 1st week of each league we will shoot any makeups for the previous week. Again, you will only be able to make up 2 weeks shooting per league. This will allow us time during the scheduled makeup week to possibly shoot some "side matches" such as 5 round matches, Bill Drills, possibly bowling pins and other creative matches we can come up with.

We can also make the nightly league shooting go quicker if we all make sure we are ready before we are called to the shooting box. That means being aware that you are "on deck" while the painters are doing their thing, mags loaded and eyes and ears in place. When you are "on deck" to shoot do not go to the shooters box or place your equipment on the shooter table before the RSO/Timer calls you to the line. Smooth operation will allow the time on league nights to do makeups or do some fun matches while we have daylight.

I look forward to another season of great fun and fellowship as we enjoy our sport in a safe environment.
Dave Florek